Mellon Educate is governed by an independent Board of Directors, whose overall function is to oversee the administration and management of the organisation, to ensure that we fulfil our mission. Our Board members come from different backgrounds, however, they all share certain crucial qualities in common and these include objectivity, honesty, transparency, trustworthiness  and efficiency.

Amongst others, our Board undertakes the following key roles and responsibilities:

Fiduciary Role – to maintain financial accountability of the Mellon Educate. Being custodians of the organisation Board members protect the organisation’s assets and ensure that the organisation is financially stable to continue with its operations.

Organisational Sustainability Role – Whereas income generation is the function of the organisation by itself, our Board plays a diplomatic role in sensitising potential opportunities for the organisation. Through the Boards advisory role, Mellon Educate can identify and approach appropriate funders.

Compliance Role – Like all other legally registered non-profit organisations Mellon Educate Board is bound by all related legislative provisions. In this regard, our Board ensures that our conduct is within applicable legal provisions and that we account to relevant statutory bodies.