How We Do It

A child can be ‘in school’ and still not get an education.
The Mellon way for education reform is a three tier formula:
State of the art school facilities
Empowered teachers with the very best teaching methods
Verifiable improvement in pupil results.

All the above are essential if we want to see reform in our education system, as one without the other will not necessarily achieve the long-term impact we need to transform South Africa’s future.

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A child’s academic success is limited when having to learn in an old and dilapidated building.

We partner with schools situated in the most impoverished communities in South Africa that operate under very challenging conditions such as overcrowded classrooms, lack of basic services such as running water, electricity, and proper sanitation.

One of our first tasks is to replace these structures with stable and safe buildings to the Mellon Educate standard.

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Improved teaching

To bridge the gap in South Africa’s educational sector, we need to improve the delivery of education.

Not only do we

  • build strong and safe schools
  • but we empower educators to deliver the curriculum to the highest standards.

Not only do we

  • focus on mentoring and development support for principals and teachers
  • but provide personalised attention and advice over a sustained period and ensure the program includes specialist training, mentoring and co-teaching.

Our long-term goal is to substantially improve education outcomes for 100,000 disadvantaged children across South Africa by 2020 .

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Sustainability and continuous improvement

Mellon Educate is the platform.

To ensure continued improvement, there needs to be a system to strengthen coordination between the private and non-profit sectors.

Mellon Educate provides the platform and hub to allow coordinated interventions, contributions and sustainable partnerships. Through this we maximise the involvement of diverse partners who have adopted education as their key area of social responsibility.

We are looking for interested, innovative and committed partners to upscale our efforts to provide a better education in a sustainable and impactful way.

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Phases of intervention


The graphical representation below provides a full picture of what Mellon Educate does in overall and various phases of intervention: