THROUGH OUR SUPPORT PROGRAMMES Mellon Educate supports a whole school approach and we value the following elements as important factors in the school eco-system.

  1. Numeracy & Literacy
  2. Pedagogy
  3. Mentoring support for SMT/SGB and Teaching staff
  4. Sourcing technology for classroom and teachers to
  5. Sports equipment and coach
  6. Literacy programmes for parents and community
  7. Parent participation in school acticities
  8. After school programmes
  9. Educational Tours

A whole school approach seeks to ensure that the environment of the child is one of learning,support,safety,integrity and nurturance.  Mellon Educate sources funding for the resources not normally provided by the education department and encourages Corporate South Africa to partner us in ensuring that in as far as possible the schools where we work are resourced in this manner.


The Mellon Educate Teaching Blitz is a two-week long education campaign to create a community of best practice between volunteer teachers from Ireland, UK and South African teachers.

The 2017 Teaching Blitz was the first Mellon Educate Teacher campaign where 52 overseas volunteer teachers fundraised to participate in this exchange with 150 teachers at Mellon Educate partner schools. The programme includes co-teaching, model teaching, workshops and mentorship covering a number of areas.

With the coordination of 11 experienced Mellon Educate staff,
more than 4000 hours of training, feedback and mentoring were
spent to the benefit of over 5000 learners.


Dates: 30/07 – 13/08