Mellon Educate is a registered non-profit organisation (NPO) working with various arms of the South African government to identify, transform and improve the quality of education at under-resourced schools across the country. We develop and implement programmes that positively impact on the entire school value chain from learner assistance, educator training, school management to leadership development, curriculum support, parent and community participation. We also take responsibility for the construction and upgrading of school buildings.

Vision, mission and goal

The vision

To provide a quality education to all children in South Africa so that they can reach their full potential, regardless of their background.

The mission

To expand and refurbish South Africa’s under-resourced schools, empower teachers to deliver the curriculum optimally and ensure learning is taking place.

The goal

With the help of donors and volunteers, Mellon Educate has set a goal to provide better education to 100 000 children, who live in challenging circumstances, in South Africa by 2025.

“You can make the change by helping to fund this project and make Mellon Educate’s vision a reality.”

We believe in


To be the best at what we do.


We demonstrate integrity in our dealings with others.


Volunteers play a vital role in achieving our educational goals.

Continuous self-improvement

Staff should live a life shaped by a culture that encourages continuous self-improvement as a core value in our organisation


We actively encourage an atmosphere of innovation to help us deliver better standards of education.

Social Justice

We support the delivery of basic human rights for all.


The international volunteer arm of Mellon Educate, based in Ireland and the United Kingdom, is responsible for the recruitment of volunteers who raise money and give of their time renovating and constructing partner schools in South Africa. It hosts an annual building blitz in November.


An independent board of directors governs Mellon Educate. Their overall function is to oversee the administration and management of the organisation. Board members come from different backgrounds, but all share certain crucial qualities such as objectivity, honesty, transparency, trustworthiness and efficiency.

The board undertakes a:

Fiduciary role – To maintain the financial accountability of Mellon Educate. As custodians of the organisation, members protect the organisation’s assets and ensure it is financially stable to continue with its operations.

Organisational sustainability role – Whereas income generation is the function of the organisation, the board plays a diplomatic role in sensitising potential opportunities. Through the board’s advisory role, Mellon Educate can identify and approach appropriate funders.

Compliance role – Like other legally registered non-profit organisations, Mellon Educate’s board is bound by all related legislative provisions. It ensures conduct is within applicable legal provisions and that it is accountble to relevant statutory bodies.