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Corporate Social Responsibility Education offers a wide spectrum for corporations to launch valuable CSR initiatives that not only help solve social issues, but also empower local individuals to be part of their own communities’ economic growth. South Africa still has a major problem with economic and social inequality. Effort is needed to ensure equal access to quality education is the norm.

Corporations can even opt to form partnerships with non-profit organisations such as Mellon Educate in an effort to expand the reach of their CSR actions and to serve local communities in a more efficient and impactful way. The bonus is manifold in terms of the contributions to enabling true freedom for current and future generations through the provision of quality education, while in addition scoring major points for B-BBEE rating.

For more information on how your CSR can make this major contribution contact: bernadette email


Payroll giving is a simple effective way for a company and its employees to support Mellon Educate. Choose how much to give monthly, or what particular school or programme you wish to support. Remember no amount is too small. Your monthly contribution allows Mellon Educate to provide planned support at a particular school/service/impact.

Company Benefits
  • Tax certificate issued by Mellon Educate
  • Contributes to the company’s B-BBEE rating
  • Builds a corporate culture of global citizenship among staff
  • Improves company morale
  • Visible return on support
  • Naming rights



Mellon Educate offers corporate volunteer days working in one or several of our schools in the following ways:

  • Maintaining sports fields with learners and parents as part of after-school programmes
  • Planting vegetable gardens, supporting food security at schools and in the community
  • Painting days for the upkeep of school property

Mellon Educate also offers employees the chance to join its annual building blitz in November. This is a great team building effort with the added bonus that teams fundraise for:

  • Construction of classrooms with corporate naming rights
  • Equipping a library
  • Providing mobile science units
  • Sports equipment
  • Teacher assistant(s) for a year