Our Approach

Mellon Educate South Africa, an initiative born out of the educational crisis facing South Africa. We seek to identify, transform and improve the quality of education at under-resourced schools across the country. We do this by working closely with government, schools and communities to develop and implement comprehensive, tailored solutions that address the specific challenges facing individual schools.

No school can operate successfully without the involvement of parents and community. That’s why Mellon Educate supports a range of programmes designed through consultations with principals and school governing bodies to facilitate their participation.

How we measure success

  • Enhanced learner and teacher morale and wellbeing Higher levels of parental and community participation
  • Improved Learner Achievements
  • Decreased Dropout Rate
  • Better school attendance of learners and educators
  • Higher levels of parental and community participation

The Teaching Blitz

The Teaching Blitz is an intensive two-week training and mentoring with volunteer teachers from Ireland and the UK. It is designed to ensure teachers learn from each other, sharing ideas and supporting each other in the best interests of the children.